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Some days I just can't seem to be creative. I get "stuck" trying to imagine anything new, which is a real problem in my line of work. Today was one of those days. I responded to emails, phone calls, and anything else that was easy to check off my to-do list then I stared at a blank blog post thinking that writing might snap me out of it. No such luck--so I gave up, drank extra coffee, cleaned my desk and weeded my flower bed (in the rain no less) before finally returning to work having forgotten all about my morning 'funk'. Isn't it weird how things just kind of cease to exist once you let them? 

I saw an Instagram post that Marta from Made of Cloth shared yesterday. Her words reminded me that it's okay to sometimes be stuck- that everyone is from time to time. The trick is though, to simply keep going anyway. 

Poking around online this afternoon I came across a few really inspiring and breathtaking color combinations- and some fresh sheep (my un-official spirit animal)- and thought "How ridiculous that I would feel so uninspired with the entire internet literally at my fingertips".  

C'est la vie I suppose. I'll try to remind myself of these sheep, and the one a dear friend shared from over the ocean, as well as the company of the talented and kind women I've met as I've started out on my own entrepreneurial journey, when I'm "stuck" and feeling frustrated again tomorrow. I think I'll stop and remind myself to keep going. 


Not sure if it's 'normal' to be so inspired by shoes, but the beauty of these can't be denied. CL is coming out with real "nude" flats for their "Nudes Collection"! Why, I ask has it taken until 2016 for this to be a 'thing'? Did I just miss it before, or have nude shoes always been one not-so-realistic skin tone? The advertising for these puppies is perfection::

'til tomorrow XX

'til tomorrow XX

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<< Outfitted >>

My uniform is black jeans and a white V-neck. I'll throw a nude blazer on for meetings or a funky necklace and heels for dinner or drinks. Though this ensemble is still working pretty well for me, here's a thought I had for a more seasonally appropriate variation of my tried and true classic.

Still super simple, but the crispness of this top feels graceful with tiny straps. Minimalism at its best when paired with black jeans (even better if the jeans have a rough hem).  Clogs are great for running to and fro all day but I think a thin scrappy sandal is still simple but more polished for night-time. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 

and these jeans, always.

A girl can dream. I suppose this one dreams in black, white, and shades of grey. 


I'd accesorize like this...

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:: seen ::

I thought I'd break this silence by sharing a smattering of things I've seen around lately. 


Pop // Ring // Pup //Art

(You're welcome)

You can view the home this queen of swimwear design here

It's fabulous, you should definitely follow the link on over! 

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things and people in pairs

It seems crazy to me that I'm working on bedrooms for two sets of twins. First, it's nuts because kid's rooms are my FAVORITE and I feel like I never get to do them. Second because, I mean what are the odds? One is a pair of boys and the other a pair of little girls, and all four Five year olds are adorable! 

Wallpaper from  Eskayel

Wallpaper from Eskayel

Kid's rooms are special (I can't say it without thinking of Bob Ross) because they are one of the few places that I can really go crazy. Too often I work on a project and get excited about a really "out there" piece of furniture or idea, but take a step back because I picture my client's face as they take their first glance at my proposal. I see befuddlement and hear them asking me if I'm crazy. I immediately remove those crazy-fun pieces from the concept board and drop them in a separate folder for my own home or for children's rooms.  

As I go through said folder today, I think that there are a few gems too cool not to share with you. Behold, the skeletons from my "Kookie" folder!

This is a lamp, people. A LAMP.&nbsp;

This is a lamp, people. A LAMP. 

&nbsp; this is an "ok" rug&nbsp;

  this is an "ok" rug 

&nbsp; All this cray-cool for $265 = GET IT!!

  All this cray-cool for $265 = GET IT!!

It's so hard to find quality framed bugs these days. can we please, PLEASE kill the bean bag chair? There are better options out there, I promise! Just check out the wooden guy up there.                 

I can't speak for everyone, but I would have loved growing up among such eye candy as this lot! If you're interested in more items deemed appropriate for children by moi, pop on over to pinterest


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// My Go-To Light Fixtures & a PSA //

I decided it's high time I share a round-up of some of my favorite light fixtures. These are mostly pieces I'm planning on using in the future, near or far, for clients and a few I'm hoping to order very soon for my own home. The fixtures vary in price; there are great finds at Lowe's and never count out custom or vintage lighting from Etsy! 

Lighting for me is the easiest part of home design. I think pendants and sconces are the jewelry of a room and as such should be as flamboyant as you like. In fact, I say, the crazier the better. I am a proponent of bright white/serene, neutral walls so a few dramatic pieces of furniture or art are balanced well with some statement lighting.

Flush and Semi-Flush Mounts

Found here: One, Two, Three, Four, & Five

I'm beginning this list with flush and semi-flush mount fixtures because i think they've gotten a bit of a bad rap. The "boob light" is not your only option. I promise. The fixtures I'm presenting you with start at $150 and go up from there. No more excuses! Together we can eradicate the notoriously weird builder-grade ceiling fixture forever! 

I'll follow with more lighting that I love to use, in the mean time happy Thursday to you all!


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