Based in Washington D.C., Either/ Or Interior Design prides itself in offering a relaxed work environment. It is our belief that the more comfortable you are with us the more open you will be in expressing your needs and taste.  We want you to be engaged because this helps us give you a perfectly tailored project.

Once a concept is settled on, some clients find that they want to be involved in almost every decision, while other clients understand that they get the most and best out of our services when they relinquish the reigns. We are open to either scenario. We know that interior design, especially residential, is incredibly personal and we want you to feel happy and heard every step of the way. We love what we do and we think you should enjoy the process too!

Design is not limited by luxury or utility, it is the art of combining the two. Interior design is our passion first and our business second. Either/Or is curated design alchemy.