guest room/ studio

I'm currenly taking the week to -try to-finish up our guest room.
It's working triple + duty as my sister's bed room, my painting etc area, cat littler box room 
and whatever else it needs to be at any given time.
I'm certainly not complaining. Makeno mistake, since moving to dc recently 
there's a fairly solid flow of guests coming in to visit and it's so, so nice 
to have a sizable room to put them up in.
Now, if I can get it looking presentable maybe our guests will stay longer 
and i can feel more settled dragging out all of my painting stuff in there without feeling like i'm only adding to the unending mess.

 i really like the mood of this daybed deal.
The mix of color lends itself to transition and since i know i love to change my mind 
and try new things constantly this crazy colors thing could really work in my favor.

Here's the board i've worked out-I'm on a thin budget but luckily when you buy your first house people just feel this need to give you whatever furniture they have sitting around the house!
Gifties include beautiful secretary from a kindred aunt (i always loved this very piece of furniture growing up), a bed from a friend who moved out of the country :(, 
and tons of fabric scraps from school and small projects.

hopefully this will happen

i'll keep you posted
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