Old English Library and a lil Bit 'a Alchemy

I have this streak of appreciation for a little bit of "goth drama" in a room.

I think I normally love bright/boho moods
but I have to say, there's something intriguing about a rainy day
spent in an 18th century English drawing room.

Since it's rainy out and I just finished another terrarium, you wont mind if I indulge for a moment
my new botanical curiosity-he lives in the bathroom-
his name shall be called Randall.

 This is where I could belong today,
minus the paper mache dog.

 With this by my side

Sitting here

in this


sipping some lovely english breakfast tea
in this

maybe with a little bit of pretty on the walls 
and general surroundings,like so:

 I'll be wearing this
and some of these foxy ladies

sweater j.crew , loafers By Paige

I think I've been inspired to go cuddle up with my kittehs and read


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