tenny weenie spaces

We bought a skinny row house near capital hill in DC.
The rooms in our new house are all really narrow and there's this one room in particular that's really tiny and kind of awkward. It's been dubbed my husband's office. But, since he doesn't work from home it's kind of just a catch all for his music stuff.
I've been trying to clean it up a little and have added some lighting and a desk. I've just made a window treatment and am now facing the huge pile of CD's, LP's and ages old cell phone bills he insists on keeping.

 He's in serious need of storage but I just can't bring myself to buy another piece of furniture with a huge foot print. The obvious choice is hanging shelves but our walls are so old we can't drill into them far enough to hang the old stand by Ikea ones. I know there has to be a way to supply some organized attractive storage for his walls. I love the closeted office thing- too bad there aren't really many closets in 100+ year old houses.

I'm on the hunt for some shelving- im thinking something tall, maybe stackable.
 im liking this hive deal- here's the mood board for this room. maybe that'll help.
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