again with the flowers

Happy Valentine's Day, all!
I hope you receive all the chocolates and desserts you can stand!
I have to admit, i'm kind of a flower person. I really love plants and things and i think flowers always make a thoughtful gift, i just kind of prefer them still growing and living to cut blooms.
Sure, i'll give a cut bundle as a host gift for a party that may have use for a centerpiece but 
i generally gravitate toward a living, prettily potted plant.
I think a potted hyacinth or paper white tied with a big bow makes a lovely gift for most occasions.

I'm writing about this today because first, its a big day for flowers everywhere
and second, because a little plant i bought in poor state has perked up today!

i think he'll make it after all!
 It's hard to believe from this pic that he looked like he might not ever bloom 
when i bought him at safeway a few weeks ago.
He was dried out and drooping and a little off in color but some osmocote(love the stuff)
and warm water every other day has healed him.
He's even overcome being knocked in the floor by some crazy pets.
anyway, less talk and more photos!
daffodils are a happy gentile flower
an inexpensive housewarming or host gift
can be re-potted and made into a sweet gift

As cut flowers go, ranuncolas are always a great go-to.
They're cheap (try 3.99 for a doz at TJ's) and colorful 
and they have a pretty solid lasting power.

Peonies are a flower i'd happily take bundled and cut.
Their splendor is magnificent in a big bunch 
and with all the bright turquoise and navy in my house
these in a light or bright pink or coral fit in perfectly!

i'm saving the best for last.
my favorite flower,
always has and always will be 
lily of the valley

I remember loving them as a kid and i think they're beautiful still.

ok, last post- to brighten things up a little more...
if you couldn't tell, that's my orchid terrarium deal blooming up a storm too
so happy spring may come back one day soon!
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