in the kitchen

so, i stopped by home depot today to pick up a sample for a client's kitchen and was floored by what i saw.
there's a 'newish' martha stewart line of kitchen counter tops,cabinets, hardware etc at home depot
and this grey one is really very pretty.
it's the weston set in grey.
i would run down and shoot a phone pic of the sample but the lights are so weird in my kitchen it'd never look the right color,which brings me to my next thought.

seeing this sample be so pretty made me realize i need to zhush up my own kitchen a little.
I'm in dire need of new light fixtures and it's down to two cheapies from HD or one from west elm-also really reasonable.

i think this one would look nice with the above cabinets as well as in my kitchen, (maybe both will be together one day).The cabinets are kind of matte and I think this shiny finish is a nice foil for their laid back f
aux pickled wood finish.

this one my husband likes.
that's about all i can say about it. 
don't get me wrong, i think it's great, just not for my kitchen.

i suppose i could mention that i'm looking for something with glass or the appearance of glass.
i have a set of these 

with this
There's some color in there, I promise!
I really should post a couple pictures of what's going on in my house so you can see how things change...
it's hard to photograph something that i'm still not satisfied with, but no one really cares all that much what my house looks like anyway. i suppose i'll take a little time tomorrow to clean and show you guys what's going on in here.
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