inspired thoughts: An editing eye

I've had a hard start with a new project. The client is open to lots but I know 
I can't just impose everything i love on her home. I'm not saying we don't have a similar aesthetic-it's just off enough that I've not found a great jumping off point yet.
I stumbled on a rug today that will be the theme of the first of three options im planning to show
this week, i just need to get crackin on a few more ideas.
I think i've learned that hard way that most often it's best to stick to that plan.I need to make use of a strict editing eye and I think this project could be really great!
Here are some designers who are so good at editing mercilessly.

Ana chooses a color pallet and sticks to it. I love this one because it still allows 
an interesting mix but it's not overtaken with thoughtless additions.
I can be queen bee of pretty junkie-junk that just doesn't fit.

 so the wall in this couch photo looks lavender right?
its the exact same color as the wall in the first photo- the one that looks aqua/mint behind her lavender lamp.
The power of color and balance!?
You can make anything appear a different tone or hue when you play with its surroundings.

I would love to be able to do this, not sure if i could live in so "matchy-matchy" a world
but it does look perfect, and perfect has its appeal.

The wilder the idea, the newer, the farther out, the more it demands that you know why you want it.
                                                                                                          Billy Baldwin 
This girl's definitely got chops.
I love her ability to balance color and form perfectly every time!
I hope I'm on my way to learning how this works,
guess practice can't hurt.

can't help it,
this girl...
kelly wearstler textiles!

and finally
my favorite designer right now and writer of my favorite blog:
 you really should check this out daily!
this is why i started blogging and have begun to"do my own thing" building a small business.
She's so fun  you can't forget how much fun this stuff all is looking through her pics and work.

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