little nip and tuck

I feel like styling our own home can be a bit of a challenge for a lot of us.
I've seen a lot of successful attempts lately and thought I might share some of my inspiration for readdressing some spots in my house.

 I think natural objects ie:corals, plants,stones,even skeletons 
add an air of comfort and belonging to any space.
Earthy things feel casual and effortless, like they just belong--
making me feel the same way about the space.
It's also nice to have something pretty 
and interesting for your guests to look at!
 okay, so no one really styles their home with shoes and purses 
but there are some great notes to take here;
always stick to a color pallet. You can embellish your pallet 
with more dynamic mixes of color but try to remember 
your original idea as you work through the space. 
An intentional hand is always successful.

Books are also a nice addition-they add variety in height and the simple geometric form of the books spine is a nice foil for a "chachki-full" home.

A little spunk is also always nice. Accessories are a great way to add some rad oddities on the cheap.
The artwork here really pulls the color pallet together- a small way to repeat the red,pink and blue brights really reinforces the color story. I hate when my surroundings start to feel stale and these movable bursts of color can easily make the rounds in your apartment or house.
photos and other inspiration via:
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