Jenna Lyons Lives Pretty

So, I know some of these photos are old (from the revered pages of Domino) but I thought they'd be nice to see with a few new ones I've stumbled upon recently. Just wait and see her office though, so inspired!

her pretty Brooklyn brownstone
It's kind of surprising to me how the head creative director of the super saturated j.crew
prefers an all white, airy abode.
Still, it's a pretty peaceful, serene aesthetic. I think i dig it.
the floors are amazing in here!

i actually think this is my favorite, not because of the shoes either. It's whimsical and has more going on than the rest of the home 
 Now, for the fun stuff!
This is her new office - I'm assuming she's either found her zestful aesthetic after finally coming out or she hired someone new to do it. Wise choices were made either way.
I think it's super happy and crazy colorful!

more info here and here
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