Workin' it

So, I'm on the job hunt and summertime is really messing with my sense of interview-appropriate clothing.
It is super duper hot here in DC and I'm having trouble keeping my toes in anything other than flops.
Digging around in my closet has me wishing for a guidebook on not suffocating in the heat while maintaining an adult appearance (e.g. no sundresses, flops, tanks, etc)
A girl's life is too hard sometimes. 

Here are some ladies that I think have done a great job dressing for work.
Maybe I'll glean a few pointers.

"yeah, I drank the minty fresh cool aid."

"sans kid, but i don't see how this is inappropriate for the workplace, amiright?"

Ms. Meares does it right. 
Rowdy is the perfect accessory for ANY outfit!! Love him.
i also like how he's literally beside himself of this sofa :)

first few images, pinterest// last one NEW glitterguide+ furbish !!!

CHECK IT!!!! :)
very own Raleigh girl making it happen, love her perspective on design!
and her pup ain't bad either


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