//Magnolia Wreath DIY//

It's early December and time to start decorating! Christmas is my favorite holiday so decorating is especially exciting for me. I love bright, colorful decor all year round but Christmas,in my mind, is sacred so I like to keep things in a classic champagne and winter white pallet. I grew up in a really traditional style home in North Carolina with a mother who loves an old Williamsburg style Christmas. To feel a little closer to my family this time of year I always add a few pineapples and lots of brass to my festivities. This year I decided to try my hand at making a magnolia wreath for my front door. My wreath isn't quite finished but I thought I'd post some simple assembly instructions so you can add this classic southern seasonal pleaser to your weekend DIY projects if you like it. 

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Begin by gathering your materials. You will need more magnolia leaves than you think, I gathered a loose trash bag full just in case there were a few ugly leaves. I picked up a wreath form (sprayed green) and some pre-clipped floral wire. You will also need a hot glue gun and some wire clippers, I got mine at the dollar store but most scissors will clip this thin wire. 

Start by removing your leaves and grouping them by size. Make bundles of three or four like sized leaves with your wire. Make sure you wrap your bundles securely and clip the excess wire. 

photo 2.JPG

After you've made all of your bundles (I used an 18" form and about 12 bundles of each size) you can begin attaching them to your form. I decided to use hot glue for this part instead of continuing with the floral wire to avoid a droopy two-week-old wreath. I glued some single leaves around the inner edge of my wreath to make sure the foam was covered. I then began gluing the small/medium leaf bundles on the face of my wreath. 

**excuse my pale claws, please!

**excuse my pale claws, please!

Once the face of my wreath looked even, I attached the larger leaf bundles to the sides and back of my wreath form. This back row will add a lot of depth to your wreath so it's really important to not skip this part. 

photo 4.JPG

Once I was ready, I added a ribbon and hung my wreath. I think it's easier to see what I'm doing with the wreath in place. Now I'm going to begin adding embellishments. Im thinking an artichoke or two with something gold could be nice. Or maybe I'll just add some nuts and fruit to the mix. What say you?

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