//Flavors of the week//

I don't know about you guys but I am a huge fan of pinterest. I'm also kind of an insomniac. Here are a few of the pretties I've been stalking during the wee hours... hope you enjoy these cool sources as much as I have!

absolutely die for these with ripped up black cigarettes like these...


I'm in love with this olive bag, love the color for fall/winter 2013.



I could really get some use out of these little glass guys. [You've gotta check them out in "chip" and "bambi".] 

I'm keeping these on my radar for a cute hostess gift this season. 

This sucker's a steal at 100 bones from Anthropologie. It'll look super edgy this winter! Love! 

I've been really moved by this geologic painting by Reinhard Brauns, from the book "Mineral Kingdom". . . So moody and earthy and inspiring right now!

Anyway, what are you totally obsessed with right now? I'd love to see!!



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