//When in doubt, paint it black!//

I've been stumped the past couple of weeks. I found this headboard a few weeks ago behind a theatre in my neighborhood. 

old headboard.JPG

As you guys know, I'm a fan of chinoiserie, bamboo furniture. I saw a glimmer of potential and decided I could clean it up a bit. I thought about white with neon pink or fuchsia accents, or mint with gold accents, but finally decided I'd give glossy black and gold a shot. . .   

new headboard 1.JPG
new headboard 3.JPG

Not 100% sure I love it, but for $10 worth of spray paint and a little elbow grease this little guy could be re-painted into any other combination of colors in a single afternoon. 

I DO know I love the shams my sister made for me out of a sundress we had for years!

Here's the rest of "Kramer's room" thus far. It's one of the final projects to be finished in our house.

guest room1.JPG

I'm working up the nerve to reupholster my first piece of furniture, its a gooseneck rocker that belonged to my grandmother. 

Here are a few pieces of inspiration/ways you could use a vintage pice like the one I found in your home. 


Black, white and gold are always crisp and classic with a little attitude. 


Navy, Coral and golden-yellow would be a happy transitional pallet for a little chinoiserie piece like this guy. Great for a living room, kid's bed room, or doubled up to serve as a dining room buffet.  

Good luck DIY-ing!!  

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