//Outfitted /Inspiration//

 I've seen so many inspiring runway looks the last few weeks. I love the sense of whimsy that high fashion is allowed to indulge. The creative color combinations and outlandish forms are so vivacious and so inspirational! These pieces spark new ideas for me, and introduce fresh concepts for a new year of creating and loving. 

 Blended Styles 

A great way to build your own personal aesthetic is to blend styles. By combining chinoiserie patterned textiles and chippendale chairs ,that remind me of the classically styled home I grew up in, with ethnic patterns, a nod to a rich, well-traveled future, I create my own unique style that's completely my own. You can take this principle and apply it in the way you dress or live. Building your own aesthetic can be tricky at first, but I find that starting with a single color and allowing it to have common ground among two or even three style concepts makes it easier. Also, patterns and motifs from different styles or eras can be combined to easily by sticking to a small color pallet and express the emotion you most associate with imbedded in that style. This is what I love most about seeing how others choose to express themselves, it's exciting to see something beautiful and completely fresh to you and it gives friends and visitors a wonderful view of who you are. 


Texture adds a human element to design. There becomes a sense of presence and voice in a textile, garment or furnishing, that demands attention. Texture can be found in an ethnic textile, or piece of art. A great way to display texture is in monochromatic design. Here are a few brilliantly executed examples of texture at work in design. 


Great design requires attention to movement. Directing the eye through an environment allows someone to really experience your design. This can be done using line and texture as well as incorporating forms of objects in a way that connects them as a single visual unit. Here are some examples. 



The form of an object can be very expressive. curvilinear objects evoke whimsy, objects with sharp angles feel modern and clean. You can use form to your advantage in choosing furnishings for your home in a shape that suit the style you most wish to express. 


Color is a great way to change up a design. Color pallets can be chosen in monotone to give comfort or rest while contrasting colors that compliment one another can express a vibrant enthusiastic tone. Colors can be given a sense of importance by being surrounded by black or elegance when backdropped with camel, taupe or more complex neutrals. Color is an easy first step toward an aesthetic you admire. Give it a shot, come up with a creative color pallet starting with one hue you really love and adding a second or third color to make it sing! 

 I hope you enjoy this post, please add any thoughts or questions in the comment section below. 


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