// Chateau de Gudanes/ A Regal Renovation//

Sometimes home renovation is just plain painful. I've been living with a kitchen torn apart for two weeks now. I am beyond over this mess of a construction zone, and I'm not doing much more than painting and cosmetic adjustments. I looked to the internet to refresh my inspiration and hope for a beautiful home, and in my meanderings I found the 'piece de resistance'. 

An Austrian family is embarking upon a mission to "restore not renovate" a french chatteau in the Pyrenees mountains and blogging the entire journey. This chateau, referred to often as "the sleeping beauty", was found in shambles, but Karina Waters saw romantic, historic potential in this French Neo-Classical beauty . 

There is an interesting article about the project on NUVO's website, here. The Chateau's official website offers photos, videos and notes about the ongoing process here

I hope you're as inspired by this story as I am, now I'm off to finish up my workday so I can finish up my kitchen tonight and this weekend! 


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