// Outfit to interior ///

Here's an outfit to inspire! I love the surprising mix of neon with nude neutrals. Her shades add a bit of rock and roll grit to this otherwise cool and feminine ensemble. Let's see if we can duplicate this idea!

We can start with a lovely pink based camel wall color. I love "mineral" from Behr, but wheat bread is a close second.

I think a good next choice is a rug. I like something camel colored and maybe an antelope print with this color concept. It adds a bit of nature, and serves as an interesting but mild pattern to ground the crazy citrine we're about to throw in. 


This shade of camel with orange undertones will work nicely to marry our pinky/ nude wall color and a pretty citrine show stopper.


Next we'll add some toss pillows.

found on  Etsy

found on Etsy

Then a few finishing accessories to polish our look

on sale at  Pier 1

on sale at Pier 1

these little guys for a steal,  here

these little guys for a steal, here

And this lovely pelt tossed over the sofa back or on a side chair, for a little extra glam (in case there isn't enough already). 

shepskin found on  etsy

shepskin found on etsy

and voila! 

Here are a few other photos from the 'interwebs' that incorporate this color pallet, or a similar one. Hope you enjoy!

By Kelley Wearstler

By Kelley Wearstler

source not clear, maybe Kelley Wearstler also

source not clear, maybe Kelley Wearstler also

By Celerie Kemble

By Celerie Kemble



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