Today marks the beginning of the inaugural OUTFITTED post. These posts will be round ups of all the things I'm happy to shop for lately. I "have" to shop for work and in the process I find some really interesting things. I need an outlet for the fun things I find, so this series will serve as said outlet. 

Anyway, without further "ado"...

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Seriously, this bag IS everything, especially with that play suit. Playsuits are everywhere this summer and as a lady with hips, I prefer the structure of this one slightly over the blousy variety. If you have a minute, definitely check out jewlrey makers Tiro:Tiro. 

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I'm really looking forward to using a print from this wallpaper retailer. These papers can be used for an entire room or framed out in molding as a mural. The subject mater is really amazing, the one pictured is one of my favorites, but there are tons of other really lovely papers you should check out on their website/ blog. 

This chair is under $400 and I've had my eye on it all week. The warm, aged wood would add a lot of depth to my living room. I love that it looks like it's had a life of its own. I also love that price! Shoppe by Amber Interiors has been re-booted and looks so great, definitely take a moment to stop by and take a peek at their new offerings. This last find is a toss pillow on sale now at World market for under $20. 


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