<< Mid-week update>>

I've been busy working on a few exciting projects. Several of which will wrap late July, so I'll have some photos to show you and we can talk about those projects. In the mean time we can talk about my little living room "zhush".You can follow my inspirations photos and plans on pinterest here and here.  I am awaiting the arrival of this rug (click images for links) to layer over my existing jute rug.

The amazing ladies at etsy's  Martha&Ash sent over some really professional and polished looking (BLACK!) curtains to round out my living room. I'm ordering this coffee table from west elm, and have just painted my walls Matha Stewart's Elderflower (from Home Depot). 

As you can guess, I'm excited to get everything delivered and have some photos up for you guys to take a peek at. It's not as big of an update as I'd like, but I think the before and after is different enough to make this chica happy. 

For a while at least ;)

I would love to hear what you guys are scheming for your homes, photos or notes are more than welcome!! 



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