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This summer I've been trying to eat a little healthier. One of my favorite restaurants is Taco Bell, so it's really not hard to make my diet "healthier". I've eaten more fruit and veggies voluntarily this summer than ever before, maybe I'm finally becoming a grown up? Anyway, as I find cleaner eating habits to try out, I am becoming more aware of the processes involved in growing and preparing my food. I see my recycling bin and trash can brimming with waste and can't help but feel frustrated and guilty for producing so much trash. Recyclable or not, I feel I need to cut down quite a bit on the resources I'm taking advantage of.

This week I'll be helping us all outfit our kitchens and lives with sustainable substitutes. Here are a few items I've started using with links for you to pick them up and try them out yourself. 

I picked up a pack of Bee's Wrap this week and will be happy to report how it works out over a few weeks months. It's a substitute for saran wrap and plastic zip bags, both of which I use and toss way too liberally. I read some good reviews and picked up a pack at my local grocery store, Bee's Wrap can be ordered online here .

These tiny, washable "shower caps" can cover ceramic bowls filled with leftovers elimintaing my need for a massive collection of tupperware. I have a few (2-3) glass mason jars that I use for "to-go" snacks and lunches, all of the lids match which makes me and my kitchen cabinets very happy. For refrigerated leftovers, BOWLOVERS can be purchased here

I picked up the habit of keeping a water bottle with me at all times. I was getting mid afternoon headaches, and having "munchy" attacks that could not be satisfied regularly when a friend suggested I monitor and up my water intake. What a difference simply drinking water every day makes! I think the rule is one once per day for every pound you weigh, but this is one instance in which more is more. Give it a shot, if you're not already drinking a few liters of water a day try it for a week and see if you notice a difference! 

Reusable water bottle have saved me from buying drink cups and bottled water while I'm out. Most places I visit throughout the day have a water source I can use to refill my own container. On a similar note I'm trying to see how high a percentage of my pantry can be filled from the "bulk bins" at Whole Foods and MOM'S Organic. This has already cut down on a lot of the packaging that was immediately being tossed into my recycling bin when I got home from the grocery store. 

If you are using other methods or products to make more sustainable habits, I'd love to hear about them! Message me or add ideas in the comment section below. 


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