<< Art Attack >>

I started teaching an art class at a local shelter a few months ago. The ladies that live there are a blast to craft with, but when I suggested we spend the afternoon knitting I had virtually no takers. I rummaged through the craft closet and found several hoops for needlepoint and surprise surprise, everyone was in! It's been several years since I took a fibre art class in college in which I did a lot of needlepoint.

Once I got home, feeling completely relaxed from the mellow conversation that was had as we all sat in a circle and stitched flowers and "ain't nobody got time of' that" onto vintage handkerchiefs, I noticed this talented lady online. 

Meet Britt Hutchinson of Tinycup Needleworks

'You romantically describe Tinycup as a product of your “addiction to tedium and inability to fall out of love.” You also connect it to escapism. Is it a catharsis for you?' 

Britt's work and philosophy can be viewed here OR here .


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