:: SEEN ::

This week's SEEN is a group of photos from various locations which I think could be combined to make up one amazing home. 

I love the way the patina on the furnishings, wall, and brick give this space a sense of history. The pattern in the wall treatment and gallery wall give balance to the collection scattered across the table surface. 

This modern armed light fixture shines when juxaposed with cozy/ casual rattan dining chairs. The pops of black really make this place look polished and livable at the same time. Success, in my book! 

I love the way wood warms up these cool french greys.

The headboard above and the bedding below would round out this cozy artist's retreat of my dreams. 

If you're in the market for new bedding I highly recommend you check out HOUSE OF BALTIC LINEN on etsy. They have some amazing offerings.

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