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I've been thinking a lot about the types of blog posts I'm writing. As I scroll through by back-log I still like the photos of dreamy places and beautiful things to add to a dream home, but I want this blog to be more than that. I use it as a design notebook, and as a creative outlet when I'm feeling "stuck" so for those reasons it is often "wish list" after shopping list after "dream home" post. Sometimes these shopping lists can be helpful to a few, but I want this blog to be helpful to more than a few. 

As I sort out what that looks like, I thought one easy way to shift our attitudes and minds a little more toward practicality, gratitude, and peace of mind is to instate a regular "little things" post. I religiously read a blog called Reading My Tea Leaves. It's about the first tab I open each day, and it's earned this spot because the content and writer are so uplifting. One thing I look forward to is  writer Erin Boyle's weekly "five little things that made my week" post. I'm thinking something similar would be a great intro to shifting this blog away from the material shopping lists and a little more toward a "your can do it" mantra. I use this space to remind myself I can do it, and that dreamy things are possible and I want you to get the same confidence and peace from it that I do. 

Now, onto our first "little things" ...

1. a $30 rug from a second hand shop, because it really ties the room together

2. A homemade soap recipe I tried out to use up some of the Dr Broner's I got for Christmas

3. We got an incredibly juicy watermelon at the grocery store this week, so we cubed half for smoothies and juiced half. This dink is 3 oz water melon juice, 2 oz lime juice, 3 oz simple syrup and 2 oz Broker's Gin. It was pleasantly light and I'm thinking of trying it again with some mint from the garden this weekend!

4. my fur babies chose to cuddle together peacefully :: yin & yang 

5. Live succulents. I can keep most things alive but have a had time with the "benevolent neglect" thing. These guys are still living 7+ days after they've entered our home: better than others have fared. 

This podcast made my heart happy Rebecca Atwood on The American Edit. 



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