//Navy, Baby//

It's mid-July and I'm craving a new  'beachy' outpost. Nothing says summertime chic quite like a crisp navy blue and white abode. Here's a roundup of a few inspirational, costal homes to inspire a little summer spruce. I for one am all in on this indigo trend! How do you see navy looking its best? 



I'm a fan of the quatrefoil and navy greek key patterns here, but i kind of feel like this breakfast room needs a punch of something perky...   


Much better!! I'm a sucker for coral and navy. If you prefer a more crisp look though, maybe you'd like some fuschia or tangello with your navy. Or an ever classic blue/white/ yellow may just be your speed. Here are a few examples of these color pallets at work.


If you like what your see, here are a few suggestions for bringing this look together in your space. 

Blue ikat regency headboard from Biscuit

purple cardinal also from  Biscuit

purple cardinal also from Biscuit

a steal from  Furbish Studio

a steal from Furbish Studio

This gorgeous lady would look fenomenal against a dark navy grasscloth wall accented with thick crisp white crown molding and clapboard,no? Tres fab!

This cutie is el cheapo  here

This cutie is el cheapo here

a 5x8 is less than $350 right now at west elm!


If your budget is minimal, try your hand at a DIY like this. These cute chinoiserie mirrors are all over thrift stores, even in the district! A few sample paint pots stirred up in your favorite blue hues at home depot and a little masking tape, and this puppy could be yours!!

Please add any links of your ideas of a beautiful summer blue in a comment below! I'd love to see what inspires you!!  

                                         xx happy weekend! 

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