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I don't know about you guys, but I love a good rain storm. I love the idea that rain can be so simple, humble even, but it is powerful enough to stop anyone in his tracks. As you wait the rain out you can't help but marvel at it's amazing scale and its unpredictability. 

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of watching hurricanes roar through the night outside my window and of listening to the rhythmic trickle of rain and the crashing of waves from the porch of our beach house. It's just magical and beautiful to me. I was even lucky enough to have my (outdoor) wedding visited by a quick arriving monsoon. It was a bummer at the time, but I think the photos I have now are more beautiful than they would have been had the day been sunny. 

I think in honor of today's glorious grey-ness we should take a minute to look at a few interiors and spaces that I think were inspired by a beautiful storm.I hope you find them as inspiring and romantic as I do.

Brion Cemetery, Carlo Scarpa, Trevisio, Italy

Brion Cemetery, Carlo Scarpa, Trevisio, Italy

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found  here

found here

Happy rainy afternoon, from my cozy desk to yours.


TO the left a Hans Vegner chair in a beautiful deep black and above a beautiful english library inspired desk to write form on a rainy afternoon. Found here and here

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