// Make it work //

Project Runway is on a roll this season with one of the best group of designers I've seen in years (since the season with Uli). I'm so excited for the coming episode showcasing the remaining few's runway collections, especially Candice and Kelly's shows. 

I saw this sofa and immediately loved it. In my head I keep hearing Tim Gunn bark "make it work" and I know I need to persuade someone that this is one fabulous sofa.

Here she is...

I see this sofa holding court in the room below. Wile fabulous in her own right, I'd pair this Chartreuse lux- lady with a few blonde wood and "raw" pieces below to play up the modern VS ancient feel she's already got going.

// 1  // 2 & 3  accent textiles (to the trade)//  4  //  5  //

//1 // 2 & 3  accent textiles (to the trade)// 4 // 5 //

Please say you see it; please say you love her too (sans the white piping, maybe)!!

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