// Go-to lighting round deux //

So, we talked about flush and semi flush mount lighting already. Those are probably the hardest fixtures to tackle, and now that we've got them squared away I'm excited to get to the good stuff! My favorites: statement pendants

I'm not really sure who decided that interesting and neutral are mutually exclusive. I feel that too often clients are inclined to settle for something they've seen before that feels like a "safe" choice instead of flexing their artistic muscle a little. While neutral and simple are some of my favorite adjectives, lighting is a place I often choose to really let loose. (The other place I'll really splurge is textiles, so we'll cover those soon).  Even though I love being called to choose new lighting for an entire home, I think we should all take a step outside the box together and consider picking something we love the first time around instead of settling for something neutral only to revisit lighting choices again down the road. Let's stop this madness once and for all. Go with your gut. If you love it, put it up. Consider yourself affirmed!

Now on to some of my favorite "neutral" pendants and chandelieres ...

Pendant Lights EO.jpg


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