<< if I had my own salon >>

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do to my house. We bought a smallish row house in the District a few years ago and have always planned on expanding it. At first it was "we'll expand, then sell" and now we've settled into the idea of maybe staying in this house longer than we originally thought. Our neighborhood welcomes new restaurants and shops almost weekly this time of year and we're falling more and more in love with our neck of the woods and its offerings. We've had our "dream home" wish list discussions a bit more frequently of late and are making a plan for saving so we can take a few moser steps toward construction. Work on our little house is still a bit far off. In the mean time I'm drawing and re-working floorpans so that when the budget is there I'll be set and ready to roll with a plan that fills in all the gaps our house is lacking. I'm not excited or anything about undertaking a construction project at home. Not one bit...

Anyway, I've been sifting through things I've pinned in the past to see how i/ we feel about ideas we once loved. My husband is beyond over, "but what do you think about this for one day" and the like, so it's up to me to sort out where our tastes blend. Double-takes seem mundane to him, but they  make me feel secure in making decisions. I can see that I saved something two or three years ago, and if I love it still today I know those pieces are good bets. They're ideas that are solid ones and not just passing trends I was into for novelty's sake. It's so much easier to do this for clients than for myself. It's so weird how that works but all the other designers I know say the same thing.

Today I'm sharing some thoughts on what I'd do if I had my own salon in our "new" home. I'd be a modern drawing room just for me. A perfect lounging area to entertain friends. We could all dance next to a grand marble fireplace while wearing silk kaftans and smoking pink cigarettes-- largely inspired by A Single Man, now on Netflix. GO WATCH IT. Let's be honest, my salon is an exercise in sifting through trends. Im treating this blog as my design notebook and this salon is one idea that needs to be worked out. 

A leather chest to house a bar and phonograph: it's my dream salon so I can have a phonograph even if that's a silly thing to have in 2016 >>

Chest, light and table from Made Goods,  Throw pillow is Susan Connor NY, paint is Ben Moore's White Heron. 

My salon has calcutta gold marble floors but no one ever has to worry about slipping and falling because in my dream salon we all are graceful and maintain our balance at all times, and of corse we never dance like fools . ever. xx.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.57.50 AM.png
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