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As usual I'm thinking of updating a few things around my house. I get the itch when I see my clients' homes become prettier and start to function so much more smoothly. This time I'm focused on a new leather sofa and kitchen refresh. I dont have any children but I do have pets who make messes all over the house. I've just finished working with a third family who, based on bad experiences with all of the pretty linen sofas I also love, insisted on leather furniture. 

Part of my says, "oh no, not leather! Can't there be a vegan option?" but the other part trusts the tales of woe from sick children and PB&J sandwiches, to  soccer cleats on said lovely linen sofas. (I know, enough with the linen already, but it is so beautiful, even wrinkled. I just die!) Anyway, I'll share the sofas I'm looking at lately, but first-- kitchen mood boards! 

Pinterest is where I begin pulling sourced items together. Here are those boards with way more linked thoughts. it's un-edited, but if you're working on a kitchen or living room you may see something that inspires a new idea for you.

Kitchen Board

Living Room Board

... I have NO IDEA how that absolutely, drop dead gorge linen sofa got in there. These are my favorites of late. I'm leaning hard toward RH's Sarnien in Camel (bottom right). That sofa is by far the most comfortable of the ones I've tried out. 

Thoughts, comments, concerns? 


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