We always begin the process by listening. Our first meeting will introduce us to you and or your family. We'll hear about your needs and hopes for your space. We'll ask questions and take a few photographs, and measurements all to help build a clear picture of what is needed.

//Proposal Delivery/ Agreement

Using the information we gather from meeting with you, we'll put together a basic plan for moving forward. This proposal will include general information like a timeline, design fees, and the scope of the project. The project begins once the Letter of Agreement has been approved.

//Gathering Our Thoughts

Once we've agreed that we're a good fit, we'll delve a little deeper into concepting. Combining looks that you love with a layout that fits your space, we'll find a concept that is specifically your own. 

//Conception/ Installation 

This is the part where you sit back and relax! We'll handle all of the ordering and orchestrate delivery for you. We will oversee any craftsmen your job may require and make sure everyone knows their role in the project. In this phase things will morph from a concept you love into your new home or business!


Art, books, accessories, and the like are the final touches that really complete a space. Once everything is installed, we will add these elements. After we've agreed that everything looks perfect, you can invite all of your friends over to happily revel in you new space!